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US Air Force F-15 fighter crashes in Pacific off Okinawa

Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 17:07
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An American Air Force F-15 fighter crashed off the southern Japan island of Okinawa early today after the aircraft development issues during the flight.

The pilot ejected and was recovered securely. The F-15, flying out of Kadena Air Base, went down in the Pacific about 115 kms (70 mls) east of Okinawa, the army says in a statement.

Lt. Col. David Honchul, the chief spokesperson for the U.S. Forces, Japan, says the pilot was recovered securely after a search by U.S. and Japanese rescue teams. After he ejected from the plane the pilot stayed in touch with the rescuers.

The cause was under examination. The pilot’s name hasn’t been unveiled. The U.S. army has about 50,000 soldiers located in Japan, about half of them in Okinawa. Kadena Air Base is among the largest U.S. air bases in the Asia-Pacific region. The F-15 was linked to Kadena’s 18th Wing.

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